We aim for success in your international projects

We aim for success in your international projects

Context and reality

If 50% of all mergers fail and 70% of them do not produce the expected value creation, the cause is usually due to a small number of factors:

  • Lack of involvement of people at an early stage of the process
  • Low commitment
  • Inability to assess global risks (including cultural risks), poor monitoring
  • Project mismatch with the organization’s culture.

Our fields of expertise

  • International growth strategy
  • International Project Management
  • Change Management
  • International Crisis Management

Our action is geared to respond to the organization’s challenges

  • How to leverage performance ?
  • How to reduce costs ?
  • How to ensure sustainable growth ?
  • How to manage change ?

Our approach sets people at the center of the process to fully master complexity of projects

  • We focus on the “indivual WHO”, the key person for the right project
  • We focus on the “collective WHO”, to create a shared vision and a sustainable one
  • We focus on the “How”, we work with a well-thought out project-approach methodology: set objectives, measurable results, clear and fluid process.
  • We focus on “ Time” to ensure that milestones help to support the project

We guide you to rapidly identify the “What” or key business issues

  • Culture and corporate values
  • Leadership & governance
  • Management
  • Communication
  • Information and decision-making
  • Know-how and knowledge
  • Specific international issues

Our tailor-made solutions are “ unique and fully adjusted” and vary from strategic reviews, advisory & consulting to coaching or training

Expected results

An increase in value coupled with improved risks management thanks to:

  • An emotional commitment of all people in the organization
  • A shared vision
  • A new dynamic and a sustainable one
  • A new consciousness and creative thinking

We adjust your strategic project to a context reality
We monitor carefully the operational implementation of your project
We assess your cultural risks