China-India Development

China-India Development

Our platform brings together local experts from France and China

Global Project Assistance for investors

  • Feasibility study and risks assessment ( including cultural operational risks)
  • Phase 1 project implementation (new offices, registration procedures, bank accounts opening)
  • Personnel hire
  • Personal assistance for negotiations (government officials meetings, strategic or commercial negotiations)

Intercultural Coaching

  • Know-how transfer
  • Long term expatriation for industrial plants & projects
  • Multicultural teams

Problem solving/ facilitation/ Crisis Management

  • Operational risks
  • Contract renegotiations
  • Relationship and communication problems (team management)
  • Conflict resolution

Development of Chinese French partnerships for French investors

  • Investor field trips to China and conferences

In France, we provide a platform of high profile experts to accompany Chinese investors

Our platform provides experts for Offshore Development Projects in India

Global Project Assistance - India

  • We negotiate your contract with Indian partners
  • We fine tune existing model for better performance
  • We engage your suppliers higher up in the value chain
  • We improve performance
  • We set up the right operational Interfaces
  • We conduct diagnostic of existing projects

Whether you are establishing your India centre or engaging with a new partner or supplier the common denominator is that you are working with a partner that comes from a culturally different model of functioning.

Intercultural Coaching – India

  • International team coaching
  • Intercultural communication
  • Bridging intercultural gaps in IT projects

Consulting for Offshore Development Projects – India

  • Organizational Consultancy
    We assist in Transformation Programs to gear up for Offshoring. Early organizational assistance helps to achieve the project goals as planned.

  • Project consultancy
    Commonly seen stages of offshore Estabishment include gouvernance, communication, metrics, crisis management, growth, supplier/customer transition, closure.

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