Our Philosophy


Our philosophy :

We actively develop and enhance Senior Executives international competencies and leadership  in providing a completely new understanding of intercultural environments and interactions adjusted to one’s area of expertise.

We help Senior Executives improve interpersonal skills in order to facilitate integrating international know-how.

We engage in a proactive dialogue with our corporate clients and more particularly with heads of Human Resources, International divisions and corporate training centres with a value-added approach.

Our know-how combines inter personal skills and significant international experience :


  • An over 2O years of international work experience both in France and abroad, at management level.
  • A coaching approach ( cross-cultural coaching, systemic coaching) allowing senior executives and managers to be fully involved in developing interpersonal skills.
  • An expertise in human and intercultural sciences enriched through our international network of experts in the field of Leadership Development and Intercultural Management
  • An innovative online Cultural Orientation Framework Tool (for which we are certified) which proposes to deliver a complete intercultural profile